How We Handle Anger



The Bucket list is a wonderful movie. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman were sick and they met in a hospital's room. They spoke to each other what was on their minds. Sometimes they lost their temper, but they became great friends. The movie is funny and makes you cry and laugh. Adriana



Kim (Cameron Diaz) lost her temper when she discovered that his fiance’s best friend (Julia Roberts) was falling in love with him and tried to destroy the wedding.


 Jim Carrey is a lawyer that only tells the truth. In fact, he is a very stressed guy who never has time to share with his family. Because of that his marriage is going down fast and his wife and little son have been very upset with him.

When his wife finally gives him a last chance to become a good father and husband something mysteriously happens: he can’t tell anything but the truth.

There are a lot of extremely funnscenes , like one in which he is giving a speech at the criminal court and says that his client is guilty.

in another scene, he is on the elevator with a nice girl and tells her his hot feelings regarding her beauty.

This is a kind of improbable situation when a person only says what is one his mind.

In 'Scent of a Woman' Al Pacino is a blind retired army who hires a poor student to take care of him during  Thanksgiving. The boy gets completely stressed out when Frank (Al Pacino) decides to drive a Ferrari in  high speed. The scene is crazy. I hope you enjoy it.