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Page history last edited by isabel cristina de sousa ferreira 9 years, 5 months ago



Beauty lies in looking a sunset at the beach without worries, without hurry.



STYLE MISSION 2009 @ KPMG _ Tottie Goldsmith (M)Appropriate dress

Last year I went to my husband's friend's wedding celebrated at a house at South Lake. I didn't know if I should wear a long dress or something less formal. I  chose the second option. When I arrived there, I realized that every woman were wearing long dresses with bright details,  and I got ashamed. I was not underdressed, bul I  felt like I was. This wasn't the best experience that I've had. 



At  work, I usually wear formal and classic clothes, like these ones in the pictures below. 

We don’t have a dress code to follow, but there’s an unwritten one.

Then, most of the professionals that work there prefer wearing  formal business outfits.




 On weekends, I prefer wearing something more casual and comfortable like jeans and shirts. At night, when I go to a party, for example,  I like to wear stylish and classic clothes because  I dislike a flashy style. Here are some photos of my weekend's style.


Tastes in Fashion


            My taste in fashion is very different from my sister-in-law's. She likes to wear shorts, miniskirts, tight dresses, while I prefer fashionable but classic clothes. I don’t like colorful and extravagant clothes, but she loves them.When I go to work, I usually wear formal outfits, like blouses with skirts, skirted suits and dresses. At my job there’s no dress code to follow, but there’s an unwritten one. Then, I feel welldressed with a discreet look. On the other hand, my sister-in-law likes to wear  high heels, flashy colors and animal print clothes. I also like high heels, but not so high, and  colored pattern clothes, but not flashy ones. However, there are some similarities. Both of us like to wear jeans, makeup, black dresses, and  we love the same man: my brother, of course. Despite the differences, I admire her because she has a high self-esteem and self-confidence. Even when somebody criticizes her style,  she doesn’t change because of this. As for me, I don’t like to stand out in a crowd because I’m a little shy. But I think that I should dare to wear new clothing styles. In summary, my sister-in-law and I have different tastes in fashion because she’s trendy and bold, and I’m conservative and discreet.



What makes a person beautiful?


A beautiful person is that one who is happy and optimist. To define  a beautiful person on the outside is easier than on the inside. Of course that we all have different tastes and opinions about beauty, but some people are considered beautiful by anyone. In some cases we can think a person is beautiful, but we don’t feel attracted to him. In my opinion, a handsome man is tall,  a little muscular, and he should have short black or blond hair, blue eyes. However, all these qualities disappear if this person is rude, sad, self-centered or has a low self-esteem. Sometimes we know a person of an ordinary beauty who is outgoing, friendly, fun, and we like him very much. It’s true that a good appearance helps us in our lives. In a first moment it is easier to be accepted by a group or at a job when you’re beautiful. I think it’s important to be self-confident. Then if you’re not happy with your self-image you have to try to change it. We just have to take care not to exaggerate in these changes because we can look like a doll after them. But as the beauty fades away over the years, we have to pay attention to our inner beauty because it will be forever. In conclusion, we have to be happy, enjoy our lives and be optimist to be beautiful and attractive because “nobody likes the blues”, said a song that I heard another day.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in The City


Living in the city is better than in the country. In my opinion there’re more advantages than disadvantages of living in the city. In the city we can choose a good school to register our kids among many different ones, while in the country we don’t have much choice. The same occurs with the hospitals because in the city we have different specialists to any heath problem, while in the country we just have a few doctors to take care of us. There is a lot of entertainment in the city too, like theaters, movies, parks, shoppings, whereas the country is very calm and we don’t have many things to do. Of course taste differs from one person to another and  it mainly depends on how old you are. Children usually love country because they like to play with  animals, run around without worring about cars or strange people. It’s really wonderful! But when they grow up and become teenagers, their taste usually change, and they want to meet new people and explore new places. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of living in the city. The most important of them is the urban violance. In the city we have to be alert all the time and with everyone. We have to put fences around our houses and live as prisoners. The other problems are the traffic, pollution and the hurry. We are always in a hurry and we don’t have time to talk to a neighbor or to play with our kids. Life is faster in the city than in the country, and sometimes we forget to enjoy little things as to appreciate  nature and  people. In conclusion, despite of the high life quality we can have in the country, I still prefer living in the city because I really like the urban life style.




What ticks me off is cleaning the feces of animals that aren’t mine. In front of my house there’s a little garden without fences around it. I have neither dogs nor cats because my house’s ground is small. It’s very unpleasant when I leave my house, and I find feces on the grass. It’s inconsiderate people don’t clean their animal’s dirts on the streets. This behavior is not only disrespecttul but also inexcusable. I don’t have animals, but I have to clean my neighbour’s pet’s feces. It’s unacceptable! I have complained about this with my neighbour but she hasn’t changed this impolite habit. I have asked to her either to clean her dogs’s dirts or not to allow them walk alone on the streets. In summary, cleaning animal’s feces on my garden really gets on my nerves because my house is not a garbage can and these animals aren’t mine.



Comments (2)

danilyra said

at 9:46 pm on May 9, 2011

Beauty lies in taking your time and being wise enough to en joy life! Isabel, I REALLY miss going to the beach!

danilyra said

at 9:34 pm on Jun 5, 2011

Wow Isabel! You are an amazing learner! I sent you your pieces of writing. Please, take a look and edit, ok?

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