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Prime 2 - Tastes in fashion


My sisters and I have different tastes when it comes to fashion. While I like to be fashionable, they make more classic style and doesn’t worry about trends. In this season, I have bought many clothes in animal print style. Can you believe that they haven’t bought a single piece?  


I love accessories, especially earrings. I like to vary the accessories, so I'm always buying something new. On the other hand, they always use the same earrings and bracelets. Erika never buys earrings and when she needs something different, she  uses mine.  

But our big difference is about vanity.
While I'm very vain, they do not seem to care about it. I go to the salon every week to take care of the nails and hair, while they only go on special occasions. Andrea  usually wear ponytails and Erika never changes his hair style. I love makeup and  I am always open to new trends, as they do not care about that.  

Even with all the differences, my sisters always compliment my style and I applaud them too. And yet, we exchanged fashion tips.




Paragraph Unit 2 - about a singer



U2 are one of the most popular rock band (plural) formed in 1976 in Dublin. The group consists of Bono Vox (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, Keyboards and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums and percussion).

By the mid of 80s mid 80s, they became a top international act. They are known like (ww) a rock band, but they have got influences from many genres of popular music. U2 have released 12 studio albums and sold more than 150 million records. They have won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other band.

Besides the musical enterprise, they are also known for their active participation in political and humanitarian causes.


Dear Mariana,


Thanks for sharing your favorite band. It is one of my favorite, as well! Great text. You've explored the topic and also used correctly the present perfect and the simple past. Good job!



Paragraph Unit 1










Write the second version of your text just below the first. Click on "edit" and then "save".


vt - wrong verb tense

vf - wrong verb form

sp- spelling

wf - wrong word form

^ - something missing

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