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Paragraph Unit 1


In my professional life, I had ^ few tyrant bosses. Neither (ww) everything were flowers in my professional life. I had bad moments with my ex-bosses. However, I had an excelents(wf) chiefs (ww), smarts (singular - we don´t use the plural for adjectives) co-workers principally who were true team player. Right now, for example, since 2004, I had having (vf) a people person as ^ head. He´s a brain, of course, and a very very sweetheart, honest employer(ww - manager?). He and listen (vf) ^ everythink (sp) what I say or recommend about work. He´s a friendly and a genuine team player. I´m a fan of him his. By the way, he´s an excellent singer, and a guitar player whem (sp) we meet in(ww) a the weekend for(ww) celebrate befriending. I had worked(vf) with pleasure. Is true.


Dear Márcio,


Your text is well-sequenced and it tells exactly what your topic sentence states. Now, it is just a matter to rewrite it paying attention to some language structures. I´m waiting your second draft!






Write the second version of your text just below the first. Click on "edit" and then "save".


vt - wrong verb tense

vf - wrong verb form

sp- spelling

wf - wrong word form

^ - something missing

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