It took over 30 years for me to buy my first clothes. No, don't be scared. I've never walked around naked.

I have two brothers and one sister and during our childhood my mom ever bought clothes for us. She didn't care about fashion, but we wore good and classic clothes and shoes.

Being the youngest, many times I got things came from my brothers. While we grew up, more clothes I inherit from my brothers, and of course clothes bought by our mom. It hasn't helped me to define a style or to make me interested in go shopping. Neither my wedding suit I bought alone, my sister help me to choose a fabric and define a style. And, as you probably are wondering, it was a classic style suit. Similary, after I marriage, the shopping assistance passed to my wife. But she is a fashionist womam, she has style and like to see me very well dressed. So I've changed a little bit the classic style but kept me assisted in the world of style and shopping.

As I started to travel, and I've been traveling a lot, some situations occured and pushed me to go shopping my own clothes. Many times during my travels I've spent more time in some cities than previously programed. More days out means more clothes to wear. From this obligation on I've started buying shirts, ties, socks and underwear, once the suit could be the same.
Today I buy my own clothes and I have a classic style, like my mother, however with some fashion pieces, as I learned with my wife.

Like I've started late, I have to practice more and more. Let's go shopping?