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Page history last edited by Ivan Fonte Boa Moreira 10 years ago

It took over 30 years for me to buy my first clothes. No, don't be scared. I've never walked around naked.

I have two brothers and one sister and during our childhood my mom ever bought clothes for us. She didn't care about fashion, but we wore good and classic clothes and shoes.

Being the youngest, many times I got things came from my brothers. While we grew up, more clothes I inherit from my brothers, and of course clothes bought by our mom. It hasn't helped me to define a style or to make me interested in go shopping. Neither my wedding suit I bought alone, my sister help me to choose a fabric and define a style. And, as you probably are wondering, it was a classic style suit. Similary, after I marriage, the shopping assistance passed to my wife. But she is a fashionist womam, she has style and like to see me very well dressed. So I've changed a little bit the classic style but kept me assisted in the world of style and shopping.

As I started to travel, and I've been traveling a lot, some situations occured and pushed me to go shopping my own clothes. Many times during my travels I've spent more time in some cities than previously programed. More days out means more clothes to wear. From this obligation on I've started buying shirts, ties, socks and underwear, once the suit could be the same.
Today I buy my own clothes and I have a classic style, like my mother, however with some fashion pieces, as I learned with my wife.

Like I've started late, I have to practice more and more. Let's go shopping?





Comments (4)

Ivan Fonte Boa Moreira said

at 9:33 pm on Mar 20, 2011

Let's correct it!
Team players reach the goals more easily. They are preferred to lead hard tasks where a teamwork is necessary. They have the ability to keep co-workers motivated and focused on their company goals. Generally, the best positions in a big company are occupied by team players. Using simple skills as kindness, goodwill and sympathy, they avoid problems among their team mates and can get the best of each one. In summary, a team player turns a hard task into a well-done job.

Now, the second paragraph. Even we corrected it last class, I'm not sure if I got all corrections. Could you check it please?
I love TomJobim.
His songs have been played since the Bossa Nova started at the 60's. The innovation brought by his music was so significant that has been influencing the whole generation of brazilians and foregins musicians. The beauty of his music comes from the perfect mix of sofistication and simplicity.
As nature's defender, Tom has introduced enviromental aspects in his lyrics, and as love's defender has written dozens of romantic poems.
Who hasn't been touched by the emotion listening to a Tom's song? I don't know, do you?

Carla Arena said

at 11:18 pm on Mar 21, 2011

Dear Ivan, the first paragraph is excellent! You got most of the corrections. In the first sentence, I'd just substitute "the" for "their", so "Team players reach THEIR goals more easily". In the second sentence, just take out the article "a" before "teamwork". It is related to teamwork in general, so no article there. These are just very minor adjustments.

As for the second paragraph, some very small details: "started IN the 60s"; "Brazilian and foreign musicians" (they are working as adjectives, so no "S"); sophistication (spelling); "defender, HE has..."; "Who hasn't been touched by emotion...? (no article)

Fantastic job, and thanks for taking your time to rewrite your paragraphs. Way to go!

Ivan Fonte Boa Moreira said

at 1:12 am on Apr 6, 2011

Hi Carla,
My new paragraph. Write about myself is fun!

Me and Hamlet.

"To be or not to be, that is the question".
What does this sentence mean? Don't ask me, only Shakespeare had the answer, or not...
I've never worried about how would be the future.
Plans, programs and expectations have never walked beside me. I've just lived my life. If I'd want something, I worked on it and got it. Of course I'm talking about simple and reachable things as traveling on the next weekend or buying a gift for my girlfriend on Valentine's day. I've bought my first car, an old and unfashionable model, by this way: aim, work and get it.
It was in the sweet and golden teenage years, but established a way of life. I was very happy doing everything I would want fearless. Almost irresponsable but, for sure, happy. When you love your way of life big problems become silly and small victories become pride.
But, and the life have a lot of "but", even good things get boring and some adjustments are needed.
Around the age of 25 Shakespeare and the Hamlet's question put me against the wall for the first time and I decided to get marriage and start a family. That old way of life was no longer possible. I started to ask how plans, savings and hard work could share the same space of fun, free thinking and a little bit of irresponsability. A hobby was the answer.
I've known my skills with my hands because I've always been good to fix things as stopped watches, broken radios and even a leaking sink. So I've started to project and assemble speaker boxes. I could join woodwork with eletronic stuff and good music. Some years and speaker boxes ahead, I decided to build a wood bench and after a table and other furniture. All that mess was perfect!
But nowadays a new "but" takes me directly in front of Shakespeare again. I can almost see the skull in my hands...
The question is the same but the answer, ask me in a couple of years.

Carla Arena said

at 11:04 pm on Apr 10, 2011

Dear Ivan,

I'm touched by the high level quality of your text. Wow! I'm truly impressed by its refinement and detailed text about who you are and how you act. Thanks for taking your time to write this Shakespearean masterpiece!

There are just some minor details you should correct. I'll add it to the text box above for you to correct it, OK?

I'm in awe!

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