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Prime 1 - Unit 2

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This song makes me feel...


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Adele´s Uplifting videoclip: Rolling in the Deep

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Frank Sinatra and Tom Jobim

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Simple Past, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous


Prime 1 - Unit 2 - Simple Past, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous (Frank Couto) (1).ppt


Creativity is...

Classroom - Creativity is...


Creativity and the Creative Process by Teachers Beto and Evaristo


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Creativity and the Creative Process by teacher Michael Coghlan in Australia



Beethoven's personality... 

Classroom - Beethoven



Describe a creative person


Movie activity

Music and Lyrics.doc

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Extra work  



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danilyra said

at 11:23 am on Mar 24, 2011

Beto and Evaristo, Thank you for recording such a nice video for us!

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