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Students´ Writing Pages















Homework (04/05): Write five sentences using the quantifiers we studied on page 39/40. Make sentences related to the topic (appearance, beauty, dress code) and using cultural references.


Homework Class 13 (04/04): Study the Grammar Box, page 28. Do page 29. Extra practice: The Future Perfect


Homework Class 11 (28/03): paragraph about you - page 24 (for next Monday); handouts about the present perfect


Homework Class 10 (21/03): do the activity about yourself on page 20 and write sentences about yourself (“I´m somewhat moody…”) and workbook pages 15/16 – Reading and comprehension questions about Ray Charles.


Homework Class 9 (16/03): Student book page 20 (read Beethoven´s text) and Workbook page 17.


Homework Class 8 (14/03): Student book page 16 (read grammar box) and page 17.

Read the biography about a musician you like and write a text about why you enjoy him/her (make sure to use the simple past, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous).

Remember to write the second draft of your paragraphs.



Homework Class 7 (02/03): Send your music playlist (5 to 10 of your all-time favorites with song and artist) to our group primelearner@yahoogroups.com

Workbook pages 10 and 11.


Homework Class 6 (28/02):  Handout - The soundtrack of your life 


Homework Class 5 (23/02):  Writing a Paragraph. Instructions: Student book page 12 

Topic: Write about a personality type or answer this question:


What makes xxxxx (your boss, your co-worker, your friend, relative, husband/wife) unique? 

check Prime 1_Unit1_Writing Activity.pptx

Remember to have a catchy opening (topic sentence, strong supporting sentences and an impacting concluding sentence)



Homework Class 4 (21/02): Handouts (given by Carla) and extra activity - Page 8 (text about Pessimists and Optimists)


Homework Class 3 (16/02): Workbook page 3 (n. 6), page 4(no. 7 and 8)


Homework Class 2 (9/02): Workbook page 2 Ex. 2 and Look up in google the use of the expressions we studied today in Sound Bites. Use " " in your search to get only the expression, and not all the results in google.

Bring your examples to class.


Homework Class 3 (14/02): Workbook page 2 (n. 3 and 4) and page 3 (n. 5)

Look up for the definition of "Burning the candle at both ends".

If you haven't received my email, email me at carlaa@thomas.org.br






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