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Prime 4 - Unit 9

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Unit 9


Check the meaning of SKEPTICAL at http://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/skeptical


Play around with it, clicking on the synonyms. Write sentences using skeptical.

Check in Google how the word skeptical is being used.

On your individual pages, add examples of skeptical being used in 3 different sentences. Also, add some antonyms for skeptical.


Video about the Bigfoot.




Reported Speech:  Prime 4 unit 9 lesson 2 grammar ppt.ppt  and prime 2 lesson 1 - movie activity- reported speech (1).key


Extra practice for Perfect modals in the passive:  Prime4_unit9_Perfect Modals in the passive.ppt and Prime 4 unit 9 lesson 2 grammar ppt.ppt


Test review - Exercise 10D - Review - Units 9 and 10.doc


Listen to some sentences recorded by a student in the passive voice.






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